Our mission is to afford people whose lives have been drastically disrupted by mental illness the opportunity to recover meaningful and productive lives through reintegration with the workplace and the community. We are here to help adults recovering from mental illness through participation in our work-ordered day. We focus on strengths, and we help each other with projects and needs.  


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"The Clubhouse helped me to get my life back and helped me get out of the house. I have things to do at the clubhouse that give my life meaning. I have made new friends and developed friendships. I work on the computer and the newsletter."


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The Clubhouse means a lot to me.It gives me a sense of belonging and acceptance.When I step into the Clubhouse,you leave your illness at the door because everyone has a mental illness except for some of the staff.I go to the Clubhouse part-time and I also work part-time outside of the Clubhouse.

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My name is Sevella and I have found, unlike anywhere else, Circle City Clubhouse.  It’s a place of compassion, acceptance as well as a place where a person can teach, learn, find employment and socialize.  The meetings we have every day and the different things to do during the day every day have given me an outlet despite my illness.  It is a place that does not judge my mental illness but accepts me without any questions.



I am so very glad to be a member here at the city clubhouse It's my Family I wish they were open 7 days a week, I love to help cook, clean the restrooms and vacuum the lunch room after lunch. I also love to do the daily clubhouse news each day I am a much better Man for coming here to our Clubhouse.



I like Circle City Clubhouse because it motivates me to wake up in the morning and come here.  I enjoy mowing the lawn and raking the leaves.  I also enjoy making friends and being friendly.  I also enjoy Speaker's Bureau where I go out and tell my story and what the Clubhouse means to me.



I like the clubhouse. I like to cook and be social with people and to work on the computer. I like to help people. The clubhouse helps me with my with mental illness. I also enjoy helping with the Weekly News Show.